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NEWS - Kennedy Center for the Arts

student and teacher Workshops were presented in September 2016 by Sheela Das for international artist Todd Rundgren's residency. 

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My Cat spelling song

"This was the best day of my life!" second grade student, Kennedy Center for Arts teaching demo.

"The students showed such self-confidence during their performance! This camp was a game changer for us." Garfield Heights, Branch Librarian.  

​"You are changing the world one C chord at a time!" M.A. McGowen, Social Service agency treatment specialist, West Virginia

"I love your music,  I need it, I love you! I love to sing to the songs. You write the best songs. Songs are awesome. Entertaining fun songs. I like everything, thank you for everything. I love you because it was fun. You are the best music teacher.  Thank you for having fun with us. And the music makes me happy too. You have the best music! I love your music. We love your song. Thank you for the songs I love you. I love your song so so much." 1st and 2nd grade comments

​"Thank you for a wonderful year!" Sister Josephine, Teacher grade 2, M.Ed.

"This was the best thing I've ever done."  Middle School student in song writing camp.

"From science to literacy topics, Miss Das captivates and engages her audience with this music." Mike Pereira, Ph.D., NASA

"I endorse the educational efforts here...Important to note that all students participating received A's and B's in English and Spelling." Pat Egan, Executive Director, Karamu House, Cleveland

"We have to have you back!"  Pam Segezdy, Director of Curriculum, Lorain City Schools

new ways to teach through the arts


Teaching people the skills to create their own art and live an inspired life is our method. Sheela's teaching songs and workshops embody curriculum to expand student enjoyment of learning and enrich the lives of adults and teaching professionals. 

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