Sheela Das is the Artistic Director of Creative Concepts in Music. She is a director, vocalist, musician, and songwriter who has had an extensive career creating, designing and producing artistic programs to engage the community in the arts. She is a member of an Ohio Arts Council Touring band (2015-16), SpYder Stompers and Sugar Pie, The Blues Devils, Red Haired Girl, Sugar Pie's Swing Dance Party Band, and served on the review panel of the Ohio Arts Council Arts Partnership Program, 2016-17.  

Commissioned performances -
Sheela provided music workshops and training through the Kennedy Center for the Arts in a residency led by American multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer, Todd Rundgren at the U. of Notre Dame in 2016. She provided shadowing opportunities for teachers at a South Bend arts magnet school followed by a professional development workshop entitled, "Teaching through Music" for district-wide educators held at the University of Notre Dame. These workshops featured her original teaching songs and techniques.

Sheela created and directed numerous commissioned performances for festivals including for Cleveland Public Theater (CPT) founder James Levin (Cle World Festival, FireFish Festival, 2015), two works for Raymond Bogban through CPT's Station Hope event 2016 and 2017, and another for the Ingenuity Festival, 2015.  Sheela served as the Parade Director of the 2017 Firefish Festival.

Teaching through Music Curriculum -
Her artistic work with students inspires her to continually develop new opportunities for community involvement in the arts as well as provide a high-quality music curriculum through Creative Concepts in Music. Sheela's music curriculum is embodied in over 170 original songs whose use has been supported for four years in classrooms by local foundations, schools districts, and public entities. Songs are created for English Language Learners (ELLs) covering grammar, spelling, social studies, vocabulary, self-care, math, peace, empowerment, environment, and science.

Professional Development Workshops -
Through hands-on training sessions using song writing and ukulele instruction, Sheela Das has provided numerous workshops for educational professionals across Cuyahoga and Lake Counties in Ohio focusing on integrating the arts into science, physical education, world languages, health, and language arts curricula.

Partnering with the Community -
Sheela is one of Ohio's most sought after community music workshop presenters at festivals and events.  She provides engaging musical workshops for arts organizations and non profits located in Boston, Charleston WV, Pittsburgh and Lorain County.  

Ohio partners include the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Delaware City Schools, Toledo Public Schools, Cleveland Playhouse, Broadway School of the Arts, Shore Cultural Center, Lake Erie Folk Festival, Blue Sky Folk Festival, Raccoon County Festival, Cleveland Sight Center, Hungry for Music, Heights Music Hop, Cuyahoga County Libraries, Open Doors Academy, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Natural History Museum, Todd Rundgren's Spirit of Harmony Foundation, Guitar Center Foundation, Antidote Creativity, Inner Circle Foundation, Cleveland Public Theater, Karamu House, Greater Cleveland Aquarium, Shaker Public Library, Roots of American Music, Euclid Public Library, and the Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers.

With more than 25 years of experience in creating programs, designing curriculum and creating song lyrics, director, musician, and vocalist Sheela Das provides creative and exciting lyrics and songs for classroom success.   Her songs encompass topics such as language arts, social studies, science, and self-determination. The music features vocals, flute, guitar, ukulele, bass, washboard and penny whistle. The songs have broad appeal and reach adults as well as children.


 sHEELA DAS, Director, Artist

JANUARY NEWS: CCM'S partnership with Open Doors Academy enters its 5th year. Senior rock chorus runs February - April weekly at the Senior Resources Center, Old Brooklyn through the Broadway School of Music. Summer camp programming is underway. 



DECEMBER NEWS: International Newcomers Academy Winter concert of K-12 and autism classrooms takes places featuring bands, choirs, guitar and ukulele students singing original compositions of Sheela Das, Director.

OCTOBER NEWS: CCM rolls out its first afterschool literacy-based program designed for middle school students. 

AUGUST NEWS: The Ohio Arts Council has made their 2019 selection of artists to join their official roster of teaching artists.  Sheela Das is listed in both the music and multidisciplinary categories.    

JULY NEWS: The Ohio Arts Council has approved two TeachArtsOhio grants naming Sheela Das as an artist in the CMSD and Delaware City Schools enabling her to model Teaching through the Arts and songwriting performance with 40 teachers and 400 students in grades 1-8 this school year. Thank you Ohio Arts Council for supporting this work to enrich the lives of Ohio residents!

JUNE NEWS:  Summer song writing camps are in full swing as are festivals and workshops! A final recording day with Open Doors Academy scholars and staff was a huge success.  We led the camp in creating an original song which was professionally recorded onsite for a camp video.  

MAY NEWS: Todd Rundgren's Spirit of Harmony Foundation to feature Creative Concepts in Music at Playhouse Square, State Theater, May 5th, 2019 show! Thank you, Todd and The Spirit of Harmony Foundation!



Creative Concepts in Music will assist with the musical production of several grade level performances in Delaware, Ohio.  Thank you Ohio Arts Council!

AUGUST NEWS: Sheela Das is selected as a resident teaching artist through the Ohio arts council TeachArtsOhio program. During 120 days, Ms. Das will help the school integrate the arts into subjects building-wide and provide public performances with students.